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Nevin Hanning and his wife Debbie

Nevin Hanning


I grew up going to church regularly as a child and I think I can honestly say I never had much doubt that God existed. Unfortunately, at an early age I chose to live my life as I pleased, even though God showed his presence around me on numerous occasions. I often thought about God even as I found myself spending more and more time drinking and partying with friends. I wondered what the true path was. There were so many different beliefs in the world, but I knew that only one could be true. It wasn’t until 1983 on my first trip to Europe that my cousin introduced me to the Lord in Northern Ireland. I felt the Lord telling me that this was the Truth I had been searching for. Unfortunately, I wasn’t ready to give up my lifestyle and continued down the wrong path for several years. It was in 1987, after I had been laid off my job, things got worse for me and I finally turned to the Lord and gave my life to him. I struggled for a year or two, but finally I found the security, the strength and the grace that only God can provide. This was followed by some tremendous experiences in my life with him, and ultimately my marriage to my true love, Debbie. Praise be to God!