Interim Leadership


What Can I Do Now?

1. Pray, pray, pray. The Interim Leadership needs your prayers! There has been some changes in our leadership recently. Please pray for wisdom, discernment, clarity, and unity. Pray for our future senior pastor and that he would feel a call and draw toward MJBC. Pray for Pastor and Ruth as they head toward their new chapter of their retirement.

2. Stay committed to serving, giving, and worshiping together. Uncertainty is disconcerting, but we have faith! Let’s continue to “grow together in Christ” through this transition time.

Some of our interim leadership are filling in various duties of the pastor such as preaching, counseling, home visitation, etc.

You may have additional questions. Feel free to touch base with our interim deaconsDave K., Jon O., & Nevin H. You may also e-mail your comment or question to

During times of transition, there is a tendency for people to step back and have a posture of “wait and see.” As a church, we will strive to instead say, “God, we know you are with us, and so we are going to keep moving forward and trust you to do amazing things in us and through us.”

UPDATE: We have prepared a information notice regarding our church, our community and area to send out to pastors, schools and churches of like faith and practice. We plan to send it to Canadian pastors, churches and schools right after the meeting on March 8, then spread it further to US schools, pastors and churches by the end of the month. The leadership group thought exploring Canadian sources first would be best.

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